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Worli Koliwada - Mumbai Fishing Community


Worli was one of the original seven islands that constituted the city of Mumbai, but was connected to the main island in 1784. Koliwada refers to a colony of Kolis (fishermen) in India. Today, the fishing village is a thriving community with a successful fishing and marketing business. Although primarily a fishing village, the Worli Fort, built by the British in 1675, stands in ruins at the edge of the village. The Bandra-Worli Sea Link now runs adjacent to the village. I spent a wet, monsoon weekend exploring the village and meeting the locals.  

Sultanpet Village, Karnataka, India

Nestled within the Nandi Hills, 60 km north of Bangalore, the village of Sultanpet sits in an historical area of Karnataka, India. Nandi is the name for the bull which serves as the mount of the god Shiva, and this area is filled with ancient temples to Lord Shiva and Nandi. The region still boasts many hill-top fortresses from the reign of Tipu Sultan of Mysore in the late 1700s.  Nandidurg was held impregnable by Tipu Sultan during its storming by the British army of Cornwallis in October 1791.  Guided by a young local, we explored this ancient village and were introduced to the villagers at play and at their professions.

Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesha is the much-loved, Hindu elephant-headed god.  An annual 10-day, festival honours Ganesha, starting on Ganesha Chaturthi, which typically falls in late August or early September.  The festival begins with worshippers bringing home and decorating clay idols of Ganesha. The festival culminates on the day of Ananta Chaturdashi, when idols (murtis) of Ganesha are immersed in the most convenient body of water.  I visited the workshops and artisans' studios in Lalbaug (Parel), Mumbai, to witness the preparations for this popular festival.

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