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September 2017

Colorado and Wyoming


From the grasslands to the sage brush-covered foothills to the forests and alpine environment of the mountains.

© 2017 by Jane Dixon.


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September 2016

British Columbia


Canada's westernmost province is defined by its Pacific coastline, mountain ranges, and phenomenal wildlife.

© 2016 by Jane Dixon.


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Spring 2016/2017

Butterflies of California


The winter rains have brought a swathe of colour to the meadows, chaparral, and forests of northern California.  The sunny days abound with butterflies taking advantage of abundent plant life.

© 2016 by Jane Dixon.


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December 2015



Oahu, Big Island, and Kauai; varied and beautiful in their own rights.

© 2015 by Jane Dixon.


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October 2014 to December 2018

Lasting Impressions of California


Downtown San Francisco, along Big Sur, over the Sierra Nevada, Lassen Volcanic National Park, south to the desert, a lunar eclipse, kayaking with sea otters, Humboldt County, Point Reyes, and strolling down Hollywood Boulevard; places and wildlife of the Bay Area South Peninsula and beyond.

© 2018 by Jane Dixon.


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September 2014

American Cross-Country
Road trip


A 4000-mile car trip from Massachusetts to California over 11 days via 2 countries, including 12 States, and 1 Province.

© 2014 by Jane Dixon.


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August 2014

Kenyan Safari


Mount Kenya, Samburu National Park, Lake Naguru, Lake Naivasha, and the Maasai Mara.

© 2014 by Jane Dixon.


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June 2014

Boston Harbor Islands


Spectacle and George Islands, worlds apart from their neighbor, and big sister, Boston.

© 2014 by Jane Dixon.


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May 2014

Texas and New Orleans


The quintessential American road trip and all it has to offer.

© 2014 by Jane Dixon.


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April 2014

Historical Lexington and Concord


Militia Men, invading troops, rebel strongholds, and the Battle Road in rural Massachusetts.

© 2014 by Jane Dixon.


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More coming

Periodically, I'll add shots (and a short backstory) from a day trip or an extended trip that I've undertaken.

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